Restoring Healthy Balance

The long, holiday weekend is over. Summer is (unofficially) upon us!

Exactly 27 weeks from today, I’ll turn 40. One of the goals I set for myself at the start of 2017 was to get back into some sustainable, healthier habits before I hit 40. How have I done so far? Not so well.

The good news is that I still have half of the year (plus a week) to get there.

What do I need to do to reach my goal? What, exactly, does that look like? It means taking care of myself, because I’m no good to anyone else if I’m not at my healthiest and at my best. It means taking care of my family… there is a reason I’m the stay-at-home parent, and that decision we made eight years ago had nothing to do with all of the other distractions that I’ve followed in the past three to four years, and did have a little something to do with a pursuit that I’ve pushed aside in those same three to four years. It means being more selective in taking on additional commitments throughout the community, to make sure that I’m able to give the best of myself to the causes that have the most impact in the areas that I feel most strongly about.

Making sure my body, my mind, and my spirit are healthy, so that I can be the best “me” that I can be for my family, and give the best of what’s left of me in service to my community, while learning to say “no” and not allowing myself to let those commitments burn me out or take away from my family.

That’s what restoring balance means to me, and what I’m going to be focused on between now and the time I blow out the candles again in December. What does a healthy balance mean to you, and what are you willing to do between now and the end of the year to reach that balance?